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2013-2014 Quad Chapter Meeting Date Schedule

August 12th - Annual Gathering - Quad City Botanical Center

September 9th - "Nonverbal Communication in the Organizational Setting" by Mary Hogg, Western Illinois University

October 14th - "Becoming a Person of Influence" by David Drewelow

November 11th - "International Business Cultures" by Dr. Ann Walsh, Western Illinois University

December 9th - Holiday Gathering
January 13th WEBINAR - "Eight Habits of Highly Successful Admins" by Dewoun Hayes

February 3rd WEBINAR - "Find Your Voice, Lean In and Speak Up" by Bonnie Low-Kramen, author of "Be the Ultimate Assistant".  $10 fee

March 3rd - "Staying Motivated and Keeping Positive in the Workplace" by John Sample

April 7th - "21st Century Job Search" by Dr. Bruce Storey, Black Hawk College

April 23rd - Administrative Professional's Day Luncheon Seminar - Dave "The Shef" Sheffield

May 12th - "Branding...Are We All In?" by Dallon Christiansen

June 16th - "Workplace Advantages to Furthering Your Education - Is It For You? by Antoinette Murphy